Let’s Get Lootin’, Ladz!

With the new Codex coming up, I’ve been taken once more by the need to convert, convert, convert. Given the…unsteady future of certain units in 8th Edition, it seemed prudent to limit this pre-Codex work to something firmly already embedded in the plastic section of GW’s catalogue. So, Lootas it was.

The plastic Lootas have never been for me, so much. Not that it’s bad kit, but it’s hard to square the chunky, shoulder-mounted Deffgunz with the practical, mobility-minded look of my Evil Sunz. I’ve always dug on a converted Loota shown in the color section of the 4th Edition Codex, made by replacing a Burna Boy’s weapon with a double-barreled gun from a Warbike kit, and that became the visual base for the unit.

4th Edition Loota

He already looted…my heart.

To balance out the hefty gun, I wanted to give every model in the unit some kind of an ammo backpack. Since they’re Lootas, it seemed reasonable to have a variety of styles, here – some would have built automated ammo feeds, some would create provide motive power and be connected via cabling, and a few unlucky gitz would have to make due with an ammo-filled rucksack. For the more advanced ones, the Snazzgun coverings from the Flash Gitz kit made for an awesome base, with lots of slots for ammo feeds, plus technical wotzits like knobs, dials and levels to simulate whatever madcap system the local Mek could knock together. Stick some ammo boxes from Bikes, (actual) Lootas, and even a few ‘oomie bitz, and you have something properly Orky, and functional-ish to boot.

Loota Ammo Packs

Combining these with some of the ammo belts from Dragonforge, and some Deffgunz made from sliced-up Nob gunz, shootaz, Warbike weaponry and Big Shootas, and they’re coming out pretty well:

The unit’s still in progress, but these are the early results, and it’s coming along fairly well to my eyes. Especially this lad below, made with some parts from MaxMini and Kromlech.

Single Loota

“Awright, I see da target. Ain’t gonna be too hard ter bring it down…”

More at the unit comes together in its entirety. After all, what good’s a Loota squad without the full fifteen?

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