Welcome to Red Wunz Go Fasta!

Awrite, ya zoggin’ gits, lissen up an lissen good, ‘cuz I’m only gonna say dis onc –

…okay, nope. No way. Not for a full post. Regular talk on the blog from here on out.

Welcome to Red Wunz Go Fasta! This blog is a celebration and exploration of everything greenskin in the grim, dark but often very funny 41st Millennium.I’m Brian, a Ork-loving grognard of 20+ years, and joining me in the author lineup will be the infamous Bart – or @GreatRedoubt, as he’s known in the Twitterverse. Besides our own efforts, this blog will also work hard to spotlight all of the incredibly strange and imaginative work that’s constantly coming from the greenskin community. We’ll be covering every aspect of Orks in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, including battle reports, tactics, modeling, reviews, fiction, painting – if it’s got the do with Orks, it’s got a home here.

#Orktober’s well in swing now, with new models and a shiny Codex on the way, we’re looking forward to having plenty to talk about in the upcoming weeks. So, strap in, give us a follow on those social media sites over in the sidebar, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see featured here on the blog!

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