Guilden #GrotLove Stern’s #NeedMoarDakka Contest

Over in the wilds of Twitter, Guilden #GrotLove Stern has been running a contest for Orktober hobby activity – with prize support from Ministomp – and we here at Red Wunz Go Fasta! are lending a hand by hosting the final poll. The winner of this contest will receive a shiny new Collector’s Edition of the Ork Codex, with the second place winner getting a custom conversion from the Grot Lover himself. Here are links to the five final entries:

After reviewing the finalists, just select your favorite from the poll below, and click “Vote!”

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What's Your Favorite?

This poll will remain active until Tuesday, November 6, after which the totals will be counted and the prize winners announced. Thanks to GGS for running this contest, and to Ministomp for their support.

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