The Chin Squig Challenge!

Update: The voting is over – congratulations to winner @hakoMike! Thanks to all the contestants and voters, and look out soon for #chinsquigchallenge2!

Another Twitter contest, this time hosted by the ever-lovely, ever-filthy Chin Squig! Take it away, sir…

Hello everyone, Chin Squig here. It’s about that time, get your votes in for the winner of the #chinsquigchallenge! Seventeen folks entered, and in the end, four fantastic pieces reached completion!

About the challenge: at the end of November, it struck me that hobbyists are always geared up towards the new, shiny models – get ’em painted up, get ’em on that table, yeah? But not too many of us remember our humble beginnings, playing on a green blanket, maybe? Taking cover behind Kleenex box Alpha, perhaps? Climbing the treacherous Mount Stackobooks, possibly?

We all started somewhere – for me, it was 26 years ago. My group and I had some cardboard walls, some Lego ruins, and the aforementioned blanket. Nowadays, you can pop on by your local shop and just buy yourself some fancy expensive terrain kit. I prefer home grown, myself.

So the challenge was simple: sign up, and get assigned a simple, easily obtained household item to build a terrain piece out of. Items not shown in these entries included plastic combs, toilet paper rolls, zip ties, q-tips, and so on. Thirty days to build. Not too demanding, I thought…but I may have been wrong.

Lesson learned here? Don’t host a challenge like this on or around the holidays. My bad. If there’s interest in it, I plan to host another #chinsquigchallenge, but it’ll be in the deader months of summer, I should think. But I achieved my true purpose: to inspire, get the creative juices flowing, get folks interested in the story a well-thought out piece can tell. I hope everyone involved had fun, and I’ll let our beautiful community take it from here!

Without further ado, here’s the four entries. Vote on your favorite below, then come back on January 12th to see our winner!

Entry One

Artist: @Khornewh40k
Material: Ball Point Pens


Entry Two

Artist: @hakoMike
Material: Tape Dispenser


Entry Three

Artist: @KhorneDog
Material: Deodorant Stick


Entry Four

Artist: @rnminiatures
Material: Paper Towel Tubes


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