The Chin Squig Challenge #3!

Once again, the annual Chin Squig Challenge* makes its implacable way through the simmering swamplands of Twitter!

This year’s challenge was broad and simple – a diorama! At least a single figure situated within an environment. Lots of imagination for this year’s entries!

Without further ado, here’s the eight entries. Vote on your favorite below, then come back on November 12th to see our winner!

Entry One

Artist: @dave_sandman


Entry Two

Artist: @hakoMike


Entry Three

Artist: @macantsagart


Entry Four

Artist: @mic_zulpa


Entry Five

Artist: @oftheaett


Entry Six

Artist: @Rhiannonny


Entry Seven

Artist: @steamtraintime


Entry Eight

Artist: @tempestusultra


This poll is no longer accepting votes

What's your favorite?
* Seemingly this blog’s only purpose anymore – changes to that soon!
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